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Clip Cap

The disposable cap CLIP CAP is made in SPP, pleated, with double tight rubber band. Garment intended for use by agri-food sector and industrial workers, ensuring hygiene and protection from minor r


Sticky Pads are glue based traps frequently used in pest control to catch and monitor insects and other pests.Sticky traps are useful for monitoring an area for crawling insects 24/7, and as such are


The disposable overall chemical protection B-Tex Microporous is made of laminated fabric, with front zipper covered by with adhesive band, rubber band at the ankles, waist and hood opening. Totally si

Apron 30

The disposable smock Apron 30 is made of LDPE and ribbon fastening. It is a garment intended for personnel employed in the agri-food and industrial sectors. The apron ensures hygiene and protection f


We Are Exporters And Wholesale Supplier Of Fresh Indian Pomegranates To Al Asian And European Countries. We Have Good The Knowledge Of Procurement And Quality Control To Select The Required Precise

fresh green chilli

Green Chillis Are The Rich Source Of Beta-Carotene And Endorphins And Zero Calories Which Makes Them One Of The Healthy Foods. Type G4, Varieties Available Are Tejaswini, Eagle, Pride, Teja-4 Green Ch


The Lemon Is A Small Evergreen Trees In The Flowering Plant Family Native To Asia, Primarily India. Lemon Is A Rich Source Of Vitamin C, And Essential Nutrients. Lemons Contain Numerous Phytochemic


Origin : India

WEAPON®, offers growers a sustainable mode of action to control broad range of bacterial diseases in wide variety of crops. WEAPON®It is a perfect broad spectrum Multi Tasking GeNext organic pest con


Price : USD 1,500.0 per Ton

Origin : Zambia

Good for proteins

Armenta APT-X

APT-X is Armenta’s revolutionary Acoustic Pulse Technology (APT) solution for mitigating mastitis economic losses in dairy cattle. Used directly on the dairy cow’s udder, triggering its natural self-h