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Basmati if it has a minimum average precooked milled rice Grain Length: 8 .2~ 8.35 mm Max, Quality: 100% pure Sortex clean Basmati Rice (premium quality), Taste: Naturally Sweet, Moisture: 14%

Top 10 profitable vegetable seeds

If you are looking for profit from the field of agriculture, then you should have knowledge of our article today, as it guides you to the top 10 very profitable seeds, but rather the most profitable i


SOLAR BASED INSECT TRAP WITH DOUBLE ATTRACTION MECHANISM TO ATTRACT AND KILL FLY INSECTS • Area Coverage:-1 Acer • Automation for illumination hours to avoid non-target insects. • Two wavelengths


Navigating the agricultural business landscape can be a daunting task, but armed with the right information and strategy, it can lead to fruitful results. In fact, understanding the market, employing

Your Animals.. Our Solutions 5 ways to keep increasing production and profit from farming

Understanding and implementing successful farming strategies not only has tangible benefits on the land and livestock but also can substantially increase the overall profitability of the farm. This co

Seedless Grapes

Grapes Season Starts Now, We Have "Fresh Grapes" In Bulk Quantity. From Sangli & Nashik District, Maharashtra, India Our Services: Harvesting, Sorting, Grading, Packaging, Precooling & Container S

KING CATCHER SOLAR INSECT LIGHT TRAP - Best Alternative to reduce chemical Pesticides/Insecticides

FULLY AUTOMATIC: King Catcher Solar light trap:Fully Automatic and Operates on abundantly available Solar Energy. CONTROL INSECT: Control on adults harmful flying insects and Reduce Pesticides Use

SANI 99™

Disinfectant - powerful broad spectrum SANI 99™ is an anhydrous powder (powder format), packed in high quality triple foil sachets, without alcohol and chlorine. It is packaged in a 6g sachet to ma

5 Key Secrets to Watch in AgriTech in 2023

In the face of the worldwide challenges presented by rapid climate change, a global population on the rise, and the need to preserve biodiversity, agriculture finds itself at a critical point. An indu


Pheromone Lures with Pheromone Traps Different varieties are avaiable for different crops. eg: 1. Tuta Absoluta - Tu Tom Lure 2. DBM LURE 3. FAW LURE 4. SPOD-O-LURE 5. HELIC-O-LURE 6. PINK