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An Insect trap that Obivates the need for pesticides

Solar Insect Light Traps - with 5 different models available For More Details: Mail Us: palvisalesmarketing@gmail.com Contact Us/ Whatsapp Us: +9


Solar Insect Light trap - King Catcher FULLY AUTOMATIC: King Catcher Solar light trap:Fully Automatic and Operates on abundantly available Solar E


Fruit Fly Trap- HS CODE: 35069999 Get Rid of Fruit Flies completely Works 24hrs (Day & Night) for both Vegetables & Fruits FRUIT FLY TRAP (FOR V

KING CATCHER SOLAR INSECT LIGHT TRAP - Best Alternative to reduce chemical Pesticides/Insecticides

FULLY AUTOMATIC: King Catcher Solar light trap:Fully Automatic and Operates on abundantly available Solar Energy. CONTROL INSECT: Control on adult

When a smile is more than just politeness...

The transparent disposable half mask consists of 4 fleece layers + anti-fog window, ear straps and nose clip. The filtering efficiency is more than 95

Because Farmers deserve the Best!

An electrostatic nebuliser is the ideal system to achieve a complete disinfection effect faster and more efficiently than other types of conventional

Upgrade your biosecurity to the next level with Veterinary Grade SANI-99 for AGRI

BECAUSE FARMERS DESERVE THE BEST The first biosecurity checkpoint is at the entrance of the farm. To avoid mechanical transfer of microorganisms b

Top 5 Agriculture Equipment to increase the yield For the smart farmers

The advent of technology has revolutionized every aspect of human life, and the agriculture industry is no exception. Rapid advancements in the field

All you need for agribusiness (What It Is, how to begin, Challenges)

Entering the world of agriculture is not merely about tilling the soil and reaping its produce; it's about navigating a complex business landscape tha

Golden tips to succeed in agribusiness

Successful agribusiness is more than just the planting and harvesting of products - it requires strategic planning, keen market insight, technological

Top 5 best drones for modern farm

Stepping into the future of farming methods, agricultural drones are becoming an increasingly popular choice among farmers in modern society. These fl

5 Key Secrets to Watch in AgriTech in 2023

In the face of the worldwide challenges presented by rapid climate change, a global population on the rise, and the need to preserve biodiversity, agr


Navigating the agricultural business landscape can be a daunting task, but armed with the right information and strategy, it can lead to fruitful resu

Food security and Population Growth Are The Biggest Challenges Of The 21 Century

As we navigate the complexities of the 21st century, two critical challenges loom large on the global stage: food security and population growth. A pr

Your Animals.. Our Solutions 5 ways to keep increasing production and profit from farming

Understanding and implementing successful farming strategies not only has tangible benefits on the land and livestock but also can substantially incre

5 Golden tips for choosing the right agricultural machinery

As a cornerstone of civilization's growth, agriculture and the skillful stewardship of land and resources are integral to our society's health and pro

5 Benefits of Drones in Agriculture

In the era of technological advancements, various sectors are utilizing innovative tools to escalate their productivity and efficiency, agriculture be

agricultures effect on climate change

Climate change and agriculture hold a complex, reciprocal relationship that cuts across various aspects of human life and our planet's wellbeing. In e

10 best-selling and profitable flowers

The field of flowers is one of the beautiful fields, and also profitable, as it mixes between beauty and profitability, so it is a very important fiel

Top 10 profitable vegetable seeds

If you are looking for profit from the field of agriculture, then you should have knowledge of our article today, as it guides you to the top 10 very