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Philippines - Cavite

Lumina tanza bagtas phase 2 block 46 lot 21 philippines

25 Years of Experiences

25 Years of Experiences



About Personal
optimistic, lovers of freedom, hilarious, fair-minded, honest and intellectual. They are spontaneous and fun, usually with a lot of friends, and are perhaps the best conversationalist. My job manage staff, promote sales, and ensure company standards of quality and customer service. As part of your duties, you may create displays to boost sales of fruits and vegetables, manage and track inventory levels, and collaborate with other department leaders. You check inventory quality, purchase bulk produce based on customer demand, and provide pricing guidelines to employees.include organizing items on shelves, removing expired products from displays, assisting shoppers in their daily needs by bagging purchases made at checkout stands or weighing them if needed.
Farming & Crops - Livestock & Poultry Farming - Food & Beverages - Dairy Production
Finished Goods Production - Filling & Packaging Materiala - Raw Materials Supplier - Consultations and services - Cleaning Equipments
farming - planting__cultivate_soil - livestock_farming

fruits and vegetables supervisor - aljazera market

Saudi Arabia - Northern Borders

From 2015-07-12 - 2023-12-28 (8 years after)

produce department head - tamimi market

Saudi Arabia - Northern Borders

From 2015-07-05 - 2014-08-05 (11 months before)

farming (owned farm in northern Samar) - farming is our livelihood in our province

Philippines - Northern Samar

From 1990-06-05 - 1994-08-05 (4 years after)


University / philippines christian university

Degree / bachelor of science in secretarial administration

Field of Study / secretarial administration

Grade / bachelor degree

period / From 1993-03-16 - 1996-03-20 (3 years after)

Training & Courses