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Sarath Padmanabhan

India - Kerala

10/380 Vaiahnavam, Thelakat Gardens, Kampanipadi, Azhiyannur (P.O), Kadampazhipuram, Ottapalam (TK), Palakkad.

2 Years of Experiences

2 Years of Experiences



About Personal
I have doctorate in Biotechnology from ICAR Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore, India. I have worked as an expert in Sugarcane Plant Tissue Culture at Rana Sugars, Amritsar, India. My role here was to produce good quality, disease-free seed material through meristem culture. I have over 7 years research experience in Plant Biotechnology and 1 years 10 months experience in Plant Tissue Culture Industry. I am seeking roles in Plant Tissue Culture, Plant Biotechnology, Crop Improvement, Plant Breeding, Plant Molecular Biology, Green House management, Plant Stress Physiology, Gene Transformation and Expression, Plant Biotic and Abiotic Stress Management. I possess a high-level initiative and ability to work effectively either individually or in teams as required. I am the one who seeks opportunities to keep learning and growing.
Farming & Crops
Laboratory Analysis Equipment - Agriculture Products Exporting
plant_tissue_culture - micropropagation - plant_biotechnology - plant_breeding - green_house_management - plant_biotic_and_abiotic_stress_studies

Plant Tissue Culture Incharge - Rana Sugars Limited

India - Punjab

From 2020-11-30 - 2022-08-31 (1 year after)


University / Bharathiar University

Degree / B.Sc

Field of Study / Biotechnology

Grade / 7.08/10

period / From 2006-07-20 - 2009-04-30 (2 years after)

University / Bharathiar University

Degree / M.Sc

Field of Study / Biotechnology

Grade / 7.14/10

period / From 2009-11-12 - 2011-06-30 (1 year after)

University / Bharathiar University

Degree / Doctorate

Field of Study / Biotechnology

Grade / Defended

period / From 2012-09-01 - 2020-11-05 (8 years after)

Training & Courses