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40 Years of Experiences

40 Years of Experiences



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I was born on 01.08.1947 in Cihangir (Abohor) village of Nicosia district. After graduating from primary school in Cihangir and high school in Nicosia Turkish High School, I enrolled in Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil Science in 1965. After graduating from the university in the fall semester of 1969, I started to work as a responsible person in the Potter Education-Production Farm affiliated to the Turkish Cypriot Cooperative Central Bank in January 1970. In 1971, I attended a three-month course on "Regional Planning and Development" in Israel and was trained in kibbutz. Between 1974 and 1977, I worked as the Geçitkale Regional Agriculture Officer and then as the Supervisor of the Famagusta Agricultural Equipment Institution and then as the Branch Supervisor in the State Productive Farms. In 1980, I continued to work as a Statistics Supervisor at the Ministry of Agriculture and in 1997 I was appointed as the Soil-Water Laboratory and Productivity Branch Chief of the Department of Agriculture. Since January 2001, I have been the Coordinator of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. I have been producing the resource "Agricultural Structure and Production" for more than thirty years, and in 1995-96 I was the Coordinator of the TRNC General Agricultural Census and produced the "1996 Census book" . In 1997-2000, I successfully completed the duty of Coordinator in the Soil Survey and Mapping project in the TRNC. We met while doing Soil Survey and Mapping; With the teachers of Çukurova University, Kahraman Maraş Sütçü İmam University and Urfa Harran University Faculties of Agriculture, I pioneered the establishment of the Agricultural Research Institute in the TRNC, the law of which was passed by the Parliament and whose Director was appointed, and I helped to establish the Türkmenköy Agricultural Research Institute. I signed a protocol with CU to ensure that Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems are formed and spread in Cyprus. Within the framework of the cooperation with the TRNC Cartography Department, buildings, hardware and software were provided and fifteen people from various departments were trained on this subject. I also worked as a member of the Soil Commission before the "Annan plan" and subsequently attended seminars and open sessions on the European Union and received certificates. I retired from 36 years of public service in May 2006. After his retirement, he worked as an unpaid consultant in the Ministry for four more years and worked on the production of statistical publications. I am married with two children and twograndchildren. I speak English at an intermediate level.
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