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France - Pays-de-la-Loire


15 Years of Experiences

15 Years of Experiences



About Personal
KAM Food sector Private Label in Grocery, Dairy product, large experience in mediterraneen food. Large knowledge of the private label business in retail for France and Belgium During my last professional experiences, in Simos Food Group and Angel Camacho, I was working in an industrial and international context. My experiences in the industrial sector taught me to be rigorous and pay a especial attention to the quality topics. Those topics are important to take into consideration when developing projects destinated to final customer regarding to healthy and safety food. My employers were incredibly pleased with my work and often delegated me important tasks. Thanks to my international experiences and my curiosity about the food industry in order to provide quality and healthy guarantees, I can adapt myself to a new context as i used to work with international companies
Farming & Crops - Food & Beverages - Dairy Production
Finished Goods Production - Finished Goods Export - Agriculture Products Exporting - Raw Materials Supplier
adaptability - responsiveness - anticipation - knowledge_of_french_and_belgian_mass_distribution - especially_for_the_food_sector._management_and_management_of_calls_for_tender - strength_of_proposal_and_analysis_of_food_categories_available

Area Manager FR BE - Angel Camacho

France - Loire-Atlantique

From 2017-05-02 - 2023-11-30 (6 years after)


University / CNAM

Degree / Master

Field of Study / Project Management and Organisation

Grade / 2

period / From 2005-10-01 - 2006-10-30 (1 year after)

Training & Courses