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15 Years of Experiences

15 Years of Experiences



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Greetings, Recruitment Manager, I send to you many greetings, appreciation and respect. Ahmed Adel Soliman, an Egyptian agricultural engineer, holds a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Cairo University in 2004. I have worked in the field of agriculture since my graduation in several countries in Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and currently in the UAE. I have practical and administrative experiences in the field of vegetable cultivation in open fields and protected cultivations. And fruits, management and planning of agricultural projects (reclamation, planning and implementation of irrigation networks, agriculture, irrigation and fertilization plan, integrated control plan, management and training of workers, post-harvest transactions, production circulation, sorting, packaging and storage, sales and marketing plans,,,,,,,) Manages agricultural projects in which the capital exceeds 10 million dollars and productions are not for local consumption only, but to compete with the markets of the European Union, China, Russia and America. He holds many training courses, including design and control of agricultural programs from FAO, Food and Health Stanford University, pesticide handling Alexandria University, digital marketing, Google platform.lPM Please allow me to show you a summary of my CV sent and attached to my Letter and I await your communication God willing, thank you and please accept the highest respect Ahmed Suleiman 00971525779290
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