What is Agridisk professional community?

Agridisk agriculture professional’s community helps both (companies & Individuals) to match the right job vacancy for the right person.

For companies:

Companies can add new agricultural positions and get requests of interest from many agriculture professionals around the world, companies can search for nearby professional by advanced search engines which provided in (Search for agriculture professional section)

For Individuals:

You can do both, first you can search jobs in (Seek Agriculture Job section) , second you can create personal account and edit your profile to appear in Agridisk search engine to get agricultural professionals companies interest and awareness.


Agridisk search engine does not accept uploading of neither PDF files nor Word file, only what you need is to create your personal account on Agridisk and edit your full profile.

Start activating your profile in Agridisk community and show your skills to professional agriculture companies.

Login to your account on Agridisk, edit your profile section (About personal, Experiences, Education & Training) thin check your profile status to be sure that your profile is published must show Active mode.

 Active profile status (content more than 200 words)
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