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Agricultural field , agriculture industries and the auxiliary industries employ a large number of the inhabitants of this universe and serve all the inhabitants of the universe, so it was important for us to create a website that collects, links and regulates the relationship between these different sections of the agricultural field Mission Organizing and arranging the relationship between the departments of the main agricultural fields ( Plants and crops - Livestock - Poultry Farming - Food and Beverages - Dairy products industry ) and auxiliary industries - make agriculture information easy to reach - linking between companies and other companies , between companies and agriculture professionals as well
Farming & Crops - Livestock & Poultry Farming - Food & Beverages - Dairy Production
Finished Goods Production - Filling & Packaging Materiala - Raw Materials Supplier - Machines Supplier - Consultations and services - Laboratory Analysis Equipment - Hygiene Equipments - Cleaning Equipments - Quality Assurance System - Chemical Supplier - Finished Goods Export - Agriculture Products Exporting